Severe pain got me again.
Waiting alone under the rain.
Solitude erodes me strength,
The courage to bear the overwhelming strain.

Here he lies, 
Below the unbreakable ice.
Unable to see his beautiful eyes,
I cry stiffly without an absolute dice.

Immersed in great sorrow.
I find nothing to fill the empty hollow.
He leaves with no footprints for me to follow.
Hence my dramatic life,
Comes to an utterly death.

But for once, I see my soul,
Complete in a throrough whole.
The authentic me starts to reapppear.
It grows stronger along ever passing year.
'Till no more despondent tear,
Only genuine-Claire approaches near,
Taught me to carry on through despair.
Her voice so tender, smooth and clear.

Before my heart could have been dead,
I receive the loving, earnest aid,
From all the things she said,
"Let go, let go of Allen Raid.
Let him lie soundly inside his grave.
Allen's smile is no longer your crave."

Time to dry tears and raise my hand to wave.
"Good bye my all-time fave."
Though memories are all that I have.

*The days I learned how to forget you were huge suffering. I struggled with fear and lonliness, in that I was absolutely incapable of being on my own. Well, I freaked out when I was with myself on the streets.You knew I had problems socializing and you understood me well enough to convert love into hatred. And I was afraid, afraid of everything: you and myself, the person that's been growing hard within. Anyhow, congratulate on your outstanding performances in many of the fields we have in common. Love you (as a friend, hehe...) .


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