I have lots of clothes, but because I moved a lot, I had to organize them. So I need to pick them very carefully, because living aboard, from one place to another, you cannot bring everything with you. When I sold them as vintage things, the low price made my heart bleed badly, also the postage is so high in Nordic country: a single box of clothes could be more than three thousand New Taiwanese Dollar (NTD). So it’s still better to pick carefully, buy what’s necessary, what is not.  


Usually at home I put on clothes that I wear on normal days. I like to put clothes in a row, from Monday to Sunday. I organize my clothes a week before. Since I exercised everyday, I had sports clothes for a week. It depends on what kind of sports I do on a specific day. Before I used to walk around the campus with my sports clothes, but due to sweating after sports, it’s easy to catch a cold when you do not take them off immediately. Hence, I decided to separate sports clothes and normal day clothes. 



Usually I will put the clothes for the next season in the suitcase: winter in one, summer in another. As for spring or autumn, it depends on my mood and also the style of the clothes, so it will not take up too much space in the closet. 


Then I will put my favorite clothes on the table or on the chair. I like to display them like in the shop, showing some of my favorite clothes. I feel really good about it, they look nice and beautiful. You will also know what your favorite clothes are, what clothes you should throw or give away. I put my pajamas in the same area because I will wear them everyday and it is troublesome to fold and unfold them, taking in and outside of the closets. So I just put them outside (perhaps I am too lazy?).


When you turn the plate under the table, you will see my personal clothings like bras and underwear, it’s convenient to take them also no one will see. They have great privacy and practicability. (I’m not going to show my clothes here…) you don’t have to take clothes in and out of the closet. I am a big fan of colorful clothes, the more the better. Design is also very important, so is the color. But the most crucial part is that they fit you well. 


These are some of the tips for everyone to organize their clothes, it makes your house the same beauty as in the shop. 



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