Do it whatever you want it to be


I’ve been making my own chocolates for some time, the main reason is that I don’t find chocolates with nuts or honey so easily in FINLAND. Also, either they are too sweet or too bitter for me in the markets. When I eat those with low cocoa, I could not stop eating due to the sugar to the chocolates. However, 70% is also too much for me, in that the chocolate lingered so long on the tongue I could barely swallow them.



So I decided to make my own chocolate. I thought it would be difficult. But hey, it’s super easy and fast.


You only need coconut oil, pure cocoa(100%), nuts/raisins and sweetness.


First of all, decide what you want to add inside, I’ve seen different variations such as wolfberries, cranberries, mint, cookies…you can choose what you like, and tried different things to see how they work out together. You can also add nothing, just pure chocolate. Nuts are also great in chocolates, you can put almonds, brazil nuts, chestnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans or peanuts. My favorites are cashews, hazelnuts and pecans. Sometimes I added some sunflower seeds and flaxmeal. It is not very common, but I like the taste they offered.


Decide your sweetness too, the sugar is the key to the taste. How sweet do you want it to be? There are brown sugar, refined sugar, honey, stevia etc. This time I put honey inside, it is going to be a bit like toffee inside chocolate. You can also not add any sugar, it gives you what is the real cocoa. Believe me, you would not binge on chocolate any longer!


Put the ingredients in one place.



Secondly, heat the pot in low temperature, pour in coconut oil, stir evenly until all of them melted. Pour in cocoa, sugar and favorite addings and stir to mix.

Taste them before you put in the baking pan, making sure it’s what you want.

Put in the freezer around 15 minutes and it’s done. Break them the way you like.

It’s just so easy and fast to make them! And you get easily full by the richness of the coconut oil. Moderate sugar also keeps you off from eating too much.

接著把鍋子放在較低的溫度,放入椰子油,慢慢的攪拌直到他們全部融化,倒入可可粉、甜味和喜歡的材料並攪拌。在放入方形烤盤前確定你品嚐過,是你想要的味道,把它們放入冷凍庫十五分鐘,然後就完成了! 你會因為椰子油的濃郁感到飽足,適當的甜味也會防止你吃太多。


There we go! The perfect customized chocolate!


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