Post what you think is important on facebook, not everything.




When I was in Finland, it was fun to browse the pages, in that most of them were posts from Taiwan. Very seldom my European or American friends posted things. It was always easy to update the lives of my friends back in Taiwan, but not with the Europeans.


From facebook, I could easily saw that someone got married, had kids, graduated , travelled to somewhere etc. It was easy to catch up with people’s lives without actually seeing the person or face to face talks.


I started to post less while I was in Finland, comparing to the time I was in Taiwan. In Taiwan, people posted everything, from everyday foods to clothing to gatherings, as a way to share their lives, to memorize every minute, every second, thought.


In Finland, it was kind of the opposite. People posted very little about themselves, they posted big things such as weddings, travelings, graduations etc.


One of the big reasons for this differences was also the Asians seldom have time to relax or enjoy their lives, so we were posting all of what we were enjoying at that moment on social media. While the Europeans were just out there enjoying their lives without bringing their cell phones to cut off contacts and connections.


I tried to enjoy most of the moments and times I have in the Nordic country that somehow I don't have that much time on the internet to share everything. I hated to go to a party and tagged myself that hey I was in a party! Or going on a hike and said that I’m now on a mountain. Or be in a gym with my phones while I tried to squat with 80 kg of weights.


I just hated that. Because it’s a big distraction while I am doing something…


I noticed one thing as I am with social media, the more lonely and bored I am, the more I posted. This discovery was also similar to a recent study related to social media usage.


Of course you can use social media in different ways, whatever the way you like it. Just remember that, the river can carry a boat, yet, it can turn the boat over as well. Be careful!


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