(See English below)


Once I got off from Taoyuan airport, everyone looked the same to me. Not to exaggerate. Everyone looks like my brother or sister, everyone has the same hair style, and mostly black hair.


It’s the same as I arrived in the Nordic country, everyone has very sculpted and bulge faces. Everyone is blonde hair blue eyes, everyone is around my height. They look like barbie or Little Princes. Her name is Anna, her name is Sarah, He’s Luca he’s Pat.




I’m sorry, but they all look the same to me.
I cannot distinguish Italians, Spanish, Germans etc.

Some Europeans can speculate from the names which countries of UN another person came from.



Asian features are broad and gentle, so you need a close focus to distinguish
European features are narrowed and sharp, so you need to get a bit far to understand.


When my Spanish friend and Finnish friend taught me that, they recognized me from my big sports watch, as I realized that’s how they distinguish me. Even my Spanish friend said that he mistaken another Asian girl as me at the gym. He thought the girl that jog on the treadmill is me, at then I felt a bit disrespectful as if I look the same like others.


Later I went home, I started to realize, that kind of feeling, since I also felt that everyone looked pretty much the same; nevertheless, I did not despise others, nor considering that it is something to look the same etc.


Then I understood, these are cultural inclusive of differences. How do you stand at the point of others to see the whole story, It’s so easy, yet so difficult. 

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